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What is an Estate Car?

An estate car has a body shape similar to a standard hatchback or saloon car, but with an extended rear end and roof line, which allows for a larger boot space. Estate cars have boot doors that open up the entire rear of the car, so it’s easy to load and transport even large items of luggage or equipment. Many estate cars have folding rear seats too, so you can extend the available boot space even further.

Estate cars are renowned for practicality – the added boot space creates maximum versatility, whether you need space for getaway suitcases, fishing tackle, sports gear, or just room for all the family to enjoy a fun day out at the park. For example, the Suzuki Swace can accommodate any lifestyle as it has a large, extendable luggage area thanks to a remote lever in the boot. Go from an ample 596 litre compartment to a substantial 1,606 litres maximum capacity with the rear seats folded down. The Swace also boasts a reversible boot floorboard with either a carpeted or all-weather protected surface for storing wet or dirty items, and can also be lowered to store taller objects. Find out more about the seriously spacious Suzuki Swace here.

If you’ve been considering a standard hatchback, but you need additional boot space, an estate car could be the right choice for you.

Swace with city skyline


There are a lot of benefits to owning an estate car that make it a good choice for a lot of people:

  • Large boot space and opening provides added practicality and makes carrying luggage, sport or music equipment easy
  • They offer good levels of passenger comfort and legroom because of the long body style compared to hatchbacks or saloons
  • Often designed with sleek and simple style in mind
  • They make great family cars
  • Can be suitable if you’re a dog owner – a crate or carrier will fit nicely in the boot of an estate car and will keep the rest of your interior mud-free!

Estate Car


There are some things to take into consideration if you are looking to buy an estate car:

  • SUVs and Crossover cars have higher driving positions and offer a more commanding view of the road

  • The added length of estate cars can make them more challenging to park, though the Simple-Intelligent Parking Assist feature* on the Suzuki Swace will mean you never have to worry about parking!

If you don’t think that an estate car is right for you, Suzuki has plenty of other vehicles to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice. From the stylish, nimble and seriously fun to drive Swift hatchback - now with even more exciting features and Hybrid technology as standard. To the strong and distinctive small SUV Vitara, with plenty of advanced technology features, true SUV capability including optional ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive technology** and Hybrid technology as standard.

*SZ5 only

**ALLGRIP available as an option on certain grades only.

Swace driving in the city



With the Suzuki Swace, our self-charging hybrid estate car, you won’t have to sacrifice practicality for style. With its elegant and sleek design, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.


If you’re after a car that’s fuel efficient, spacious and that’s packed with advanced safety features, this is the right one for you.

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