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Choosing Suzuki for your business contract hire means you’ll be getting a vehicle which is more than just a run-around.

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Business contract hire is a long-term lease agreement which allows a business to pay a fixed monthly rental cost for the use of a vehicle. The leasing provider will be the owner of the car while you have it, and at the end of the agreement you’ll give the car back* - meaning you won’t need to worry about depreciation or disposing of it.


Business contract hire is one of the most popular ways for VAT registered companies to drive a Suzuki, as you could claim back up to 50% of the VAT** on the cost of renting. It works in a similar way to personal contract hire, but it’s exclusively for companies.


*No ownership option.  Return conditions and excess mileage charges apply

** Subject to VAT status and usage of the vehicle.  Consult your tax advisor if unsure how this applies to your business.

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One of the main benefits of business contract hire is that VAT registered companies could claim back up to 50% of the VAT, making it an affordable, cost-effective way of driving a company car.


We know that budget planning has an important part to play in any business, and the fixed monthly rentals help to make this easier. We even offer an extra option to include maintenance costs at the start of the contract - this means you’ll be able to spread the cost of maintaining your company cars across the year.


Also, the fact that you give the car back to us at the end of the agreement means that you can go straight into another car leasing contract subject to status and a new credit application to get the latest Suzuki.


Suzuki contract hire agreements are flexible, so you can choose a plan which suits you and your business - with options on different agreement lengths as well as flexible upfront costs and mileage limits.




The amount you pay each month for your business contract hire can vary depending on the options you choose for your business. Your rentals are calculated based on:

  • The cost of the model and grade which you decide to go for
  • The duration of the contract: our contracts can be between 24 and 60 months in length
  • The amount of the initial rental you decide to pay up front (equivalent of between 1 to 12 months normal monthly rental)
  • Your annual mileage allowance, which you can choose at the start of your contract (minimum 5,000 to maximum 25,000)
  • Whether you decide to go with our maintenance option***. This covers costs of routine servicing, tyres, replacement parts and repairs due to wear and tear


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At the end of your contract, you’ll return the car to us. You’re then free to start another business contract with us for one of the latest models. If you’ve gone over the agreed total contracted mileage, then an extra charge is worked out on a pence per mile basis - this will be outlined to you at the start of your agreement.

There can sometimes also be charges if there is damage to the vehicle which falls outside of ‘fair wear and tear’ in accordance with the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association guide.



Choosing Suzuki for your business contract hire means you’ll be getting a vehicle which is more than just a run-around. From great value, fun to drive small cars to capable SUVs with Hybrid technology and ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive*. From the dynamic and agile Swift supermini, through to the spacious and capable S-Cross SUV crossover, it’s fair to say our range has something for everyone. Check out the full Suzuki range on our new cars page.

As a business, we know you’ll want your fleet to be efficient, but without compromising performance. All of our models are now available with Hybrid technology as standard, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions, an improvement in fuel efficiency** and because our Hybrid system components are lightweight and compact, there’s no compromise to driving performance.

We take performance seriously, and our cars are always built with fun in mind. But we also know that safety will be an important consideration. We never compromise on safety, and Suzuki cars feature some of the latest safety systems including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure prevention and blind spot monitor***, to make sure you and your passengers are as safe as possible while on the road. To find out more about the safety features on our vehicles, select the Suzuki model of your choice from our new cars page and then check out the key features and equipment checklist

*ALLGRIP available as an optional extra on selected models.

**Compared to the equivalent outgoing model without hybrid and using the official WLTP combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures

***Safety system availability dependent on model and grade.