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Suzuki is well-known for it’s great value and efficient small cars, and our new range is more diverse and exciting than ever before.


From the new Swift, with its fun to drive and dynamic styling, to the adventurous Ignis with an ALLGRIP 4WD option, our range of hatchback cars feature something for everyone.

Whilst our hatchbacks are small, they don’t skimp on space - with spacious interiors and boots, you’ll have enough room along with the practicality of a small car. We also have an efficient (and powerful) petrol only engine line-up, with hybrid technology available on all small cars, which makes them perfect for the city streets.

Blue Suzuki Swift


Hatchbacks are one of the most popular types of car on the road and come in many variations. Put simply, a hatchback is typically a small car which has a raise-open boot that doesn’t stick out the back (like in a saloon car, for example). You can get them in 3-door or 5-door variations - the boot counts as a door too!


Suzuki Ignis Grey


Hatchbacks are one of the most popular types of car, and for good reason. They’re small and agile, which makes them easy to manoeuvre and park in tight spaces. Hatchbacks also tend to be more affordable than other types of cars, and more fuel efficient too because they’re lightweight.


They’re also very practical as they have a larger boot space in comparison to other small car types. To add to this, the boot space is often flexible as you can usually put the rear seats down to increase its storage capacity.


The Ignis has even further versatility, with individually sliding adjustable rear seats* to optimise either rear passenger room or luggage capacity


(*SZ T & SZ5 models only)

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There are plenty of reasons you should choose one of Suzuki’s stylish hatchbacks. Our models are compact yet have a lot of interior space, meaning you’ll have plenty of room to carry whoever or whatever you want. The fact that they’re lightweight and agile means they’re a lot of fun to drive, not to mention that great tech and safety features included as standard on our hatchbacks.


Now it's time to find the right Suzuki hatchback for you.

Blue New Swift

Suzuki Swift

Meet our stylish hatchback, the Suzuki Swift. Dynamic and agile, the Swift has a lot to offer. As our whole range includes hybrid tech as standard, this hatchback is a good choice if you’re looking for fuel efficiency as well as performance.

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White Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

The little car with a lot of edge, choose the new Suzuki Ignis. As our whole range includes hybrid tech as standard, this makes the Ignis a fuel efficient choice. It also comes with an optional ALLGRIP 4WD system.

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