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At Suzuki, we have a type of car to suit every family’s needs. Whether it’s for the school run, a summer holiday or just a trip to see relatives, you can rely on our range of family cars to deliver great driving experiences.

We have a wide range of cars suited for big or small families, no matter what activities you like to do together. From the S-Cross, our practical crossover, to the Suzuki Vitara, there are many options to choose from.


There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing a family car. Whilst needs will vary between families, there are a few features that will help you on any journey.

Making sure the vehicle has a good Euro NCAP safety rating is a top priority when it comes to buying a car for your family. The Euro NCAP rating takes into consideration the vehicle’s ability to avoid or minimise damage in the event of a collision. You can check your car’s safety rating on the Euro NCAP website - you’ll just need to enter the year, make and the model. 

It’s also important to make sure the car has the latest safety features. Some of the more advanced safety options are adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, rear-view cameras and blind-spot detection.

Size is another important factor when it comes to making the right choice. It’s worth keeping in mind that as your family could grow in number, so might the need for a bigger car! A spacious vehicle is important to make sure there’s room for you all and your baggage.

Other useful family-friendly features include front and rear sensors to make parking large vehicles easier, and bluetooth connectivity for both entertainment and staying on top of messages and calls.

Vitara AllGrip


Suzuki’s family cars don’t skimp on features. Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking cameras and cruise control are among the features found on many of our models as standard. They also come fully equipped with the latest safety equipment including adaptive cruise control, ABS (anti-lock braking system) and radar brake support. 


Our cars are spacious enough for families. Even smaller models like the Swift are cleverly designed to have roomy interiors, making them practical choices for carrying passengers comfortably.


And if you’re looking for adventure, a lot of our cars come equipped with our ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive technology, so you won’t be held back by rough terrain or bad weather.

Yellow Vitara


Our award winning compact SUV, the Suzuki Vitara has plenty to offer for families. It’s practical and stylish with a spacious interior.


Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking camera and cruise control come as standard on all grades of the Vitara. And its ALLGRIP 4WD system* means that it’s perfect for those family adventures. The Vitara is a great looking car to boot, with strong SUV styling and the edge to turn heads.

*available on SZ5 models only

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