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Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

Quite simply, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a Hybrid vehicle which can be plugged in to an outlet to charge its batteries, this is in addition to electricity charge generated through wheel rotation, as per conventional Hybrid cars.

As with any Hybrid, the petrol engine and electric motor work hand-in-hand to balance efficiency and performance. But plug-in options take the Hybrid experience to the next level: as PHEVS can be plugged-in and recharged from an outlet, they are able to drive extended distances using electricity only.

For example, when fully charged the Suzuki Across Plug-in Hybrid has a class leading zero emission electric only driving range of 46miles. 


There are many advantages of Plug-In Hybrid vehicles, explore the key benefits below.

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Plug-In Hybrid vehicles emit fewer harmful CO2 emissions compared to cars with only a traditional combustion engine, meaning they’re much kinder to the environment.


Plug-in Hybrid technology allows electric only driving and during this type of driving the vehicle won’t produce any CO2 at all.  


This reduction in harmful emissions means Plug-in Hybrid cars have the potential advantage to avoid congestion charges as well – perfect if you often drive through the city. Plus, if you’re a company car driver, you get lower rates of Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax as well.

Suzuki Across Plug In Hybrid


Whilst Plug-In Hybrid cars do have a traditional combustion engine, you will take advantage of the electric only driving mode where possible - and it’s far cheaper to charge an electric vehicle than it is purchase petrol or diesel.


As Plug-in Hybrid technology allows electric-only driving, where no fuel is used, this of course translates to fuel savings, especially if you are making short distance or ‘stop-start’ journeys in cities – you can save on petrol money for your commute and also do your bit to help the environment.


The Plug-in Hybrid Suzuki Across when fully charged can travel an impressive 46 miles using no fuel at all.

Suzuki Across Plug In Hybrid City


One of the main advantages of choosing Hybrid over pure electric is that you don’t have to worry about being left stranded if you run out of electric power.


When your electric charge runs low, the vehicle can be driven using just the conventional combustion engine when needed. The engine also helps to charge the batteries as you drive, meaning you can drive a Plug-in Hybrid exactly as you’d drive any other car without having to worry about stopping to find the next charging point.

White Suzuki Across Plug In Hybrid


There are a few different ways to charge Plug-in Hybrids: you can either use a standard three pin plug, a wall charger or a ‘fast charger’.


Some service stations also provide Rapid chargers which can reduce charge time significantly. The Suzuki Across Plug-in Hybrid also offers a Battery Charger Mode, which means you can part charge the batteries using the petrol-powered engine, while you’re on the move.

Most Plug-In Hybrids, including the Suzuki Across, feature different driving modes that allow you to choose between a full electric only drive, a conventional Hybrid drive with a combination of fuel and electric, and a fuel only drive (if your vehicle is running low on charge for example).


The three modes included on the Plug-in Suzuki Across are:


  • EV MODE - Gives you pure electric driving, with no petrol consumption or engine emissions
  • EV/HV MODE - The electric motor provides power boosts when required - for example during acceleration or if battery charge is low
  • BATTERY CHARGER MODE - When battery power is running low, this mode allows you to use engine power to recharge the battery
Suzuki Across Plug In Hybrid Charging


The ACROSS comes equipped with a sophisticated Plug-in Hybrid system and an abundance of safety features and advanced technology. It’s sleek. It’s striking. And it’s ready to level up your SUV driving experience.


Across is extremely efficient, with CO2 emissions just 22g/km (WLTP weighted combined). Select one of four driving modes for an exhilarating drive that’s as fun as it is superior in fuel efficiency.