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Full hybrid electric vehicles

Full Hybrid vehicles use both the fuel-powered combustion engine and the electric motor to drive the car, either both at the same time, or independently of each other.

A Full Hybrid system cleverly assists the engine when you’re driving, to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce harmful CO2 emissions, minimise engine noise and make your driving feel smoother.

With a Full Hybrid vehicle you have the ability to drive using pure electric power for short distances at low speeds - such as when you’re moving around busy towns and cities, meaning you’ll save fuel and minimise your impact on the environment.

The whole time, you can have peace of mind, never needing to interrupt your drive to find somewhere to charge. Energy that would normally be lost during braking and deceleration is used to generate electricity and charge the Hybrid battery - so you don't need to think about it.



As with any Hybrid vehicle, there are a few important benefits to highlight when comparing to standard fuel-powered cars.

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When you go Hybrid, you’ll likely see a reduction in running costs versus a non-hybrid equivalent. This is because a Hybrid system gives assistance to the combustion engine so that less fuel is needed. A Full Hybrid can recover energy usually lost when braking or deceleration occurs.


Full hybrids can also enhance fuel efficiency by supporting the engine when it restarts (after stopping temporarily at a junction for example), provide power assistance when the car is accelerating, and even drive the vehicle using electricity only for short periods of time. And without the need to plug the vehicle in to charge as it is a self-charging Hybrid system.

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Because the electric motor takes some of the load off the fuel-powered engine, Hybrids are kinder on the environment than many non-hybrid equivalents.


Full Hybrid has the additional advantage of allowing you to switch to electric-only mode, albeit usually only for short distance driving - meaning you can complete short journeys at low speeds with just electric power. All resulting in improved fuel efficiency and less harmful emissions.

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With a Full Hybrid, you don’t have to worry about plugging in your vehicle to charge it, or more importantly, running out of charge whilst out on the road!


You always have the reassurance of the conventional combustion engine when needed and the engine can actually recover some of the lost energy during braking and deceleration, converting this to electrical power and begin to charge the Hybrid battery.

The modes available for full hybrid vehicles can depend on the car manufacturer and model, but with Suzuki you can choose one of three driving modes to suit conditions and to give optimum performance:


  • NORMAL MODE - Provides a perfect balance between comfort, stability and fuel economy
  • ECO MODE - Enhances fuel economy and reduces emissions through more gradual throttle response and minimal air-conditioning use. Ideal for stop-start city driving
  • SPORT MODE - Gives you quick and powerful acceleration for an agile driving response
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Say hello to the Suzuki Swace. A fully loaded self-charging hybrid with an elegant and simple interior design that focuses on spaciousness, comfort and high quality finishes.