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Personal Independence Payment and the Motability Scheme

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Personal Independence Payments (PIP) is a type of benefit that helps those with disabilities or long-term health conditions pay for any extra costs they might have. It is a non-means tested benefit, which means that it’s not affected by how much you earn, any other income or your savings. You also won’t be taxed on PIP. 

There are two parts to PIP - the daily living component and the mobility component. You can receive a different rate for these two areas based on how much help you need in these areas of your life, and you’ll receive your payments every four weeks.

If you need a car adapted to suit your mobility needs, then you can use the money from the mobility component to lease a car on the Motability Scheme. 

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You might be eligible for PIP if you have mobility needs that affect your daily life, or if you need extra help because of a disability, illness or mental health condition. You also have to be between age 16 and the State Pension age.


To see if you can get PIP, you’ll be assessed by a health professional. They will examine your ability to complete daily tasks to see how much help you need. If your ability is limited you will receive the standard PIP rate, but if it is severely limited, you will receive the enhanced PIP rate.


To make a claim for PIP, you’ll need to contact the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) directly.

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If you’ve received the enhanced PIP rate for the mobility component and have 12 months or more left of your current allowance, you can lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme.

Personal Independence Payment and the Motability Scheme

The difference between


DLA (Disability Living Allowance) is gradually being replaced by PIP. For example;

  • If you were 65 or over on 8 April 2013, you’ll keep getting DLA.

  • For everyone else aged 16 and over, your DLA will end and you’ll need to claim PIP instead, even if you were given a ‘lifetime’ or ‘indefinite’ DLA award.


It’s up to the DWP to decide how much PIP you get and for how long. The amount you receive depends on which rate you qualify for - you can be given the standard rate or an enhanced rate for the two PIP components (daily living and mobility).

The amount you can receive also depends on how long you are granted PIP. It’s likely that you’ll be given it for a fixed amount of time, but in some cases the DWP will grant PIP with no end date, called an ‘indefinite award’. If you’re terminally ill, you’ll be given the award for 3 years.

If your PIP is set to end after more than 2 years, the DWP will review your case before it ends and will decide if it gets renewed or not. If your PIP is due to end after 2 years or less, the DWP won’t review your case. You’ll need to make a new claim if you want to keep getting PIP after your award ends.


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