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Carers and the Motability Scheme

Whether you have Motability needs, or are caring for someone with such needs, Suzuki is here for you. There are different ways in which relatives, carers and friends can help those who are disabled get mobile. We understand that if you’re a carer, you want the best for the person you are looking after. That’s why our dealers will do their best to make the process of leasing a car on the Motability scheme more simple, for the both of you.

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Named drivers are people who are legally allowed to drive a Motability car. You can have up to three named drivers as part of the lease - two of these can be nominated when you place your application, and the third can be added later. These can be yourself, carers, relatives or friends. For someone who has multiple carers that change frequently, it may be possible to get an Open Policy, which would allow you to add multiple drivers to the insurance.


You can also add temporary drivers for no extra charge for up to 30 days - if you already have three named drivers though, you would have to swap out one of these to add a temporary driver. A temporary driver can’t act as a permanent substitution for one of the other named drivers.


It’s worth bearing in mind that only drivers that are named on your agreement are insured on your Scheme car.


To manage the named drivers on your lease, you can contact RSA Motability (RSAM) on 0300 037 3737.


There are a few rules that decide whether someone can be named as a driver on your Motability Scheme agreement:

  • They must have a valid UK driving licence

  • They must live within five miles of your address (exceptions may be made if they’re essential to your motability needs though).

  • People under 25 can only be named drivers for cars with ABI Insurance Group 16 or lower, and with a power output of 120 BHP or less (this does not apply to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles). You can speak to your dealer to find out more about which cars are suitable for named drivers under 25.

  • You can only name one driver under 21 – this could be you, or another driver living at the same address as you.

If none of the named drivers live at your address, or if you live in a care home where a number of drivers have access to the car, a location tracker might be fitted to your car to make sure you’re benefiting from it. If this is the case, you will always be spoken to about this beforehand.

You’ll need to speak to your dealer if you or any named drivers have driving licence restriction codes that mean adaptations need to be fitted to the car. They’ll make sure these are added to your application, so that all the named drivers can drive the vehicle safely.

Any Suzuki dealer will be able to help and advise you if you’re unsure about anything.




An appointee is someone assigned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK (often a family member) who is legally responsible for the lease agreement. As an appointee, you’re responsible for collecting a disabled person’s benefits as well as making sure they’re being used for the right purpose. Appointees are needed in situations where the disabled customer is under 16 years old, or for those who are severely disabled.

If you’re acting as someone’s appointee, you can apply to join the Motability Scheme on their behalf. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re someone’s appointee, you can check directly with the DWP on 03457 123456 or Veterans UK on 0800 191 4218.

A nominee is someone nominated to act on behalf of the customer. As a nominee, you can make minor changes to the customer’s details, such as changing the address or changing the named drivers, but you’re not legally responsible for the lease in the same way an appointee is. You can have multiple nominees on an agreement.

For security reasons, a disabled customer’s Motability Scheme agreement will never be discussed with anyone who isn’t a nominee or appointee.