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Suzuki Motability Adaptations

Get mobile with Suzuki. However specific your needs, you can rest assured that your Suzuki can be adapted to bring you maximum ease and efficiency. 

We understand that something which works for one person won’t work for everyone. That’s why you’ll receive expert advice on the wide range of car adaptations available, and be supported throughout the entire process to build the perfect Suzuki for you.



Motability adaptations usually have one of three purposes: helping you drive, allowing you to store wheelchairs or scooters, or helping you get in and out of the car. There are a variety of adaptations available on the Motability Scheme to cater for a broad range of disabilities. Some examples include:

Hand controls: Push/pull hand controls can be installed - you pull the hand control to accelerate and push to brake. Five different handles are available so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. However, it’s worth noting that these can only be fitted to automatic gearboxes.

Steering aids: Your car can be fitted with a mechanism that helps turn the steering wheel, meaning you can steer using only one arm. There are three different types of steering aids available: standard fixed (fitted permanently to the steering wheel), standard quick release (ideal if you’re sharing a car with non-disabled drivers) and specialist (for those with more complex mobility issues).

Left/right foot accelerators: These allow you to accelerate using your preferred foot.

Electronic accelerators: If the push/pull hand controls do not suit your needs, you can get alternative electronic accelerators fitted to your car. These can only be fitted to automatic gearboxes.

Car boot hoists/rooftop stowage: Boot or rooftop hoists can be fitted to easily lift wheelchairs or scooters into your vehicle. 4-way hoists are available for heavier wheelchairs or scooters, and 2-way hoists can lift lighter wheelchairs. (Rooftop stowage is suitable for wheelchair users only).

Transfer plates: These provide a surface between the wheelchair or scooter and the car seat to help you get into the car. Once you’re inside, they can be folded out of the way. The transfer plates can be electronic or manual.

Electric person hoists: These physically lift you into the car with very little movement required from the wheelchair user. The mount is permanently fitted to the car.

Swivel seats: You can get a swivel seat fitted which turns, lowers or tips, and in some cases moves in and out of the car to make accessing and exiting the vehicle easier. Electronic and manual versions are available.

Your dealer will run through the available modifications and help you choose the ones that best fit your requirements so you can drive comfortably.

Motability Adaptation prices


Provided they’re fitted at the beginning of your lease, a lot of the adaptations on the Motability Scheme are available at no additional charge. Some of the more complex adaptations are likely to cost extra, but the Motability specialist at your nearest dealer will be able to give you more details and can lay out the costs associated with different modifications.


After your Motability Scheme lease runs out, most adaptations can be transferred to a second Scheme car at a significantly reduced price.


Can I buy my motability car image


As you’re leasing the car as part of the scheme, ownership of the vehicle remains with Motability Operations. You may, however, be able to extend your lease and keep your car for longer. Alternatively, you can lease another car through the Motability Scheme.


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