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Connected Cars FAQs

Do I need a smartphone to use Suzuki Connect?
How do I apply for a corporate account?
Do I need a credit card to register for Suzuki Connect?
Is there a fee for subscribing to Suzuki Connect?
What happens if I purchase a vehicle capable of using Suzuki Connect but choose not to activate the service?
Do I need to register with Suzuki Connect to make E-Call operate?
Can I cancel my contract to Suzuki Connect at any time?
Are there any precautions to be taken when selling a connected car?
Are there any communication charges for using Suzuki Connect?
If I sell a connected car, will the next owner inherit previous information about warning light notifications and repair notifications?
How long is the warranty period for the on-board DCM?
How will the information that has been sent to Suzuki be handled after I sell my vehicle?
I can’t log in to the app. What should I do?
I forgot my login ID and password for the app. What should I do?
How many app users can be registered for one car?
Is there a call charge when I contact a dealer?
I can’t use the app functions anymore.
If I share a connected car with other family members, can we share the app?
Will a status notification be sent to my smartphone even if the app isn’t running?
How do I delete secondary users?


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