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The Motor Ombudsman

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process

We pride ourselves in offering the very best possible customer experience, and are equally committed to helping resolve any issues that may arise. Our appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body is The Motor Ombudsman, which provides motorists with free and impartial adjudication in the event of a dispute.

If you are unhappy with any part of the service that you have received from us or one of our franchise dealers, and have been unable to resolve the issue directly in the first instance, please get in touch with The Motor Ombudsman at or call 0345 241 3008

As a vehicle manufacturer, we are accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s Motor Industry New Car Code of Practice which means that we have committed to:

  • Supplying a car which is built to a high standard
  • Providing a warranty with every new car purchased
  • Making spare parts readily available
  • Handling complaints swiftly

Our network of franchised dealers across the UK adheres to The Motor Ombudsman’s Motor Industry Codes of Practice for Service and Repair and Vehicle Sales. These have been introduced to give you the peace of mind that you will receive the highest standard of care whenever you visit one of our locations to buy or repair a car.

The Service and Repair Code requires our authorised network to provide:

  • Honest and fair services
  • Open and transparent pricing
  • The completion of work as agreed
  • Invoices that match quoted prices
  • Competent and conscientious staff
  • A straightforward and swift complaints procedure


The Motor Ombudsman’s Vehicle Sales Code covers the sale of new and used cars, and our retail network is committed to, amongst other requirements:

  • The use of clear and transparent invoicing, advertising and pricing
  • Selling a used car which is supported by a vehicle provenance check
  • Providing customer test drives
  • Avoiding high-pressure selling techniques
  • Supplying accurate advice on warranty and finance products


The Vehicle Warranty Products Code commits warranty administrators to standards laid out in the Code regarding:

  • Advertising
  • Point of sale obligations
  • Clarity of information
  • Complaints handling